PHOENIXWAN Replace with new panel 20220420

01 Prepare tools,①Phillips screwdriver;②2.5mmHexagon screwdriver (wrench).

02 The panel film is double-sided, please note that both sides need to be torn.

03 Replace the button part panel,Press the position of the hexagonal ejector column on the back of the controller.

04 Take out the ejected button panel.

05 Rotate counterclockwise to remove the micro switch and LED part.(Please pinch the micro switch for the sanwa button, and pull it out while shaking it left and right.)

06 After removing all key microswitches

07 Remove the white nut and remove the button.

08 After removing all buttons.

09 Arrange new panels neatly in order.(If you like black background, please remove ③ silver cardboard)

10 Put the 4 corner buttons first to fix the panel position.

11 Use the white nuts to secure the four buttons and install all the buttons back in place.

12 Put the micro switch back in its original position.(The ordinary button is placed in the button according to the angle of the red line and then rotated clockwise. The sanwa button is shaken left and right and pressed down.)

The corresponding position of the button on the PCB


13 Put the button panel back on the controller.

14 Replace the turntable panel,Pry off the four corner pads.

15 Pry off the four corner pads.

16 Remove the screws securing the housing.

17 Peel off the turntable sticker.

18 Remove the screws securing the turntable.

19 Press down on one side of the turntable with one hand to lift the other side, while the other hand lifts the turntable out of the raised part.

20 Take out the felt and washer.

21 Use a 2.5mm hexagon wrench to remove the screw fixing the aluminum plate. Please pay attention to the nut with the fixing screw inside. When removing, please hold down the nut to prevent loss.

22 Use a hex wrench.

23 Hold down the fixed nut.

24 The turntable part can be removed in its entirety after removing the bolts and nuts The turntable part can be removed in its entirety after removing the bolts and nuts.

25 Remove the turntable part.

26 Take out the panel.

27 Arrange the new panels in order. (if you like the black background, please remove ② the silver cardboard, and note that the black hole is on the upper right)

28 neatly arranged.

29 Put the light guide ring and aluminum plate back in place.

30 Tighten the bolts and nuts that fix the aluminum plate. (after inserting the nut into the fixed position, hold down the nut and tighten the screw)

31 Put the felt and washer back in place, being careful not to overlap.

32 Put the turntable back in place and tighten the screws.

33 First remove the button panel, align the ① and confirm that the wire at ② will not be stuck, and then fit the upper and lower shells together.

34 Replace the retaining screws on the back and attach the pads to the four corners.

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