How to replace the encoder

1 Use H2, inner corner disassembly knob

2 Note that there is a transparent gasket on the encoder, be careful to remove it.

3 Remove the 3 screws on the bottom.

4 Use pliers to loosen the screws

5 Remove the 3PIN cable and replace it with a new encode

6 When reinstalling, be sure to press the wires under the circuit board

7 Use the metal gasket and nut to reinstall the encoder, placing the transparent gasket at the top

8 There is a top screw that can be seen inside the knob, which corresponds to the D-head of the encoder shaft for ease of installation.

The most important thing:

When tightening the knob screw, if you feel it being pushed, just tighten it 1/4 turn. Otherwise, the plastic shaft of the encoder will be damaged.

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